Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERT a nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams
Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERTa nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams

CERT Equipment Subsidy

Dallas CERT Inc. is happy to announce a new program--CERT Equipment Subsidy.  One of the main focuses for our nonprofit is to equip CERTs.  We have the trailers (for the zones) and now we have an individual program!


We are especially grateful to West Coast University for their generous donation which enabled us to implement this program this year!


Here are the details:


Dallas CERT Inc. has established an Equipment Subsidy program to assist CERT volunteers who may not be able to purchase their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  Such equipment is often important in the event a CERT is activated.  If eligible, the participant will be provided at no cost the following:


eye protection


Participants will also be eligible for scholarships to programs with a cost/tuition.  These will be determined in consultation with the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management CERT Coordinator.  Participants will also receive a 10% discount to any items sold in the Dallas CERT Store.


Applicants are selected based upon information provided as well as other factors such as demographics and location.  


To become eligible:

  1. Complete an Application including:
  • name and basic demographic data (email, address)
  • age
  • zip code
  • # years as a CERT
  1. Identification of other subsidy/scholarship programs currently participating in such as (providing this information is optional, at your discretion):
  • ACA
  • Medicaid/CHIP
  • Housing (Choice Voucher, VA)
  • TANF
  • SNAP
  • school financial aid
  1. Successful completion of the 317 Basic CERT Course (you may apply during the class and become eligible to receive the subsidy after meeting all other criteria).
  2. Full, complete profile in Volgistics database for Dallas CERT, including background check.

People employed or contracted by the CERT program (OEM) and Board members of Dallas CERT Inc. are not eligible for the program.


Participants must use the equipment for their personal use and agree not to re-sell the equipment.


Once you have submitted your Application and eligibility is determined, you will be contacted via email with results, approximately 2 weeks after submission.


The application appears below.  We are only accepting applications via mail at this time (not online).


To apply, click on the link below.  Complete the Application and mail it to the address at the bottom of the second page.  

Equipment Subsidy Information and Application
To apply, download and complete. Mail it to the address at the bottom on page 2.
Equipment Subsidy Application.Updated.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [761.7 KB]

CERT Reward and Incentive Program

We want to recognize the contributions of Dallas CERT volunteers.  To do so, we have implemented a Reward and Incentive Program.


Reward and Incentive Program


How it works:

  1. You must be in Volgistics and have completed 317 class
  2. All data submitted will be confidential and only the Treasurer and President will have access
  3. You are automatically enrolled as long as you are complete in Volgistics--profile is complete (including all sections, paperwork, and background check). 
  4. You must submit your hours-participation in Volgistics.  This is the only acceptable way to verify participation and award items.


Items will be awarded based on the hours recorded in Volgistics.  These will be reviewed quarterly and awards made based on the following scale:


30 hours--level 1 item

50 hours--level 2 item

80 hours--level 3 item

120 hours--level 4 item


You can receive discounts to programs with a cost (Spring Training Express, etc.)

  1. 80 hours--10%
  2. 120 hours--30%
  3. 200 hours--free


You will choose from the following items once you reach a level. 

You can choose based on the level you obtain which includes any previous level.  For example, if you are at level 3, can choose from levels 1-3.


Level 1--tourniquet, headlamp, basic CERT backpack


Level 2--additional long-sleeve t-shirt, all-purpose tool/pry bar with gas shutoff, medical trauma kit


Level 3--tactical belt pouch, jacket, polo shirt


Level 4-- splint pack, waterproof hat, wide-brim hat with logo, portable solar panel


We may update these items and change them based on input and availability.  


People employed by the CERT program and Board members of Friends of Dallas CERT are not eligible for this program.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DALLAS CERTs who have received recognition!  




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