Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERT a nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams
Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERTa nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams

Zone 2 Events

Zone 2 hosts various events related to Dallas CERT, emergency preparedness, response, recovery, communications, health, and more!


This page includes a brief overview of some of our more popular and well-known events.



Contact us: Zone2@DallasCERT.org


Quarterly Meetings

Join Zone 2 and all our zones for our new Quarterly Meetings that have replaced our Monthly Zone Meetings.


These events are in-person and are open to all CERT volunteers at the CERT Trained Level or higher.


Sunday Fitness & Skills

Want to get fit and practice your CERT skills?


Join us for Sunday Fitness and Skills and improve your cardiovascular and brain fitness. We welcome participants of all levels and abilities.


Past fitness has included walking, hiking, stretching, calisthenics, and lifts and carries. Go at your own pace and develop your own Individual Fitness and Wellness Plan.


Past Skills have included Damage Assessment, Med Ops, Splints and Slings, ICS, Navigation, Burns, and Emergency Communications.


We typically meet at the Pavillion at Flag Pole Hill on Sunday mornings, but check our Facebook page or email us for the latest information.


CERT City Simulation Radio Network

CERT City Simulation Radio Network is a weekly interactive training net emphasizing emergency communication, essential radio skills, and CERT disaster preparedness and response skills.


Each Friday evening at 2000 (8:00 PM) you may join us for a short trip to CERT CITY, the metropolis located in the wonderful and beleaguered state of CONFUSION -- a city that seems more disaster-prone than an elephant in an antique lightbulb shop! Mixed-in to the training we'll have fun games, useful topics, and/or deep existential questions.


Join via ham radio

Tune your radio to the 146.88 MHz DARC repeater (110.9 Hz CTCSS (PL)).


Join via your computer

Listen to the net via Broadcastify.



Retired Events

PT & Skills


PT & Skills was renamed to Fitness & Skills, and was changed from Thurs & Sunday to just Sunday.


Sunday Skills-at-Home Hour


Once we were able to meet in person again, Sunday Skills was been replaced with PT & Skills.


Originally titled Sunday Stay-at-Home, SSaH was been one of our most prominent activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Seeking a greater focus on skills and education, we renamed the weekly event to Sunday Skills-at-Home.


Then, at the end of 2020, we decided to trim the time and change the name again to Sunday Skills-at-Home Hour. Sometimes we customize the name to Sunday Speaker-at-Home. Some Sunday events may certainly run over an hour, especially when we have an invited speaker, but for our regular CERT Quiz events, we try to keep our time to about an hour.

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E-mail:  info@dallascert.org


You can also reach us through the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management at oem@dallascityhall.com

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