Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERT a nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams
Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERTa nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams

Welcome to Dallas CERT Zone 2!

What does preparedness mean to you?

What steps have you taken to be ready for the next windstorm, pandemic, tornado, or fire?

Could you use some help getting ready?

Do you have skills and experience you'd like to share?


Let's get better-prepared, together!


Robinson Tryon

Coordinator, Dallas CERT Zone 2



Zone 2 includes Northeast and Central Dallas. Find us on social media:

Join us at an upcoming event! See our calendars below.


For general inquiries: Zone2@DallasCERT.org


Interested in what's next on our calendar? Want to learn more about CERT-related training and online events offered by FEMA, TEEX, and other regional and national providers?


Click here to learn more about our calendars.

Stay Informed

Having accurate, up-to-date information and intelligence is critical to staying safe and being able to help others as a CERT citizen responder. We've created a page to help our Zone 2 members and the general public stay abreast of current news, weather, fire danger, and more!


Click here to visit our Stay Informed page.

Zone 2 Status

Zone 2: Wondering if we're on standby? Want to know if we're being deployed? Wondering which frequency we're using to chat during a windstorm?


Head over to our Zone 2 Status page to learn more.

Past Deployments & Volunteering

Zone 2 CERT members have been helping out in Northeast and Central Dallas for many years. Did you know that we used to have our own Northeast CERT non-profit? Learn more about the many opportunities we've had to assist our fellow citizens in Dallas, across the metroplex, and in our region!


Click here for a timeline of what we've accomplished as Dallas CERT Zone 2!

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E-mail:  info@dallascert.org


You can also reach us through the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management at oem@dallascityhall.com

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