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Welcome to Friends of Dallas CERTa nonprofit supporting Dallas CERT teams

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Interested in joining Dallas CERT? Want to learn more about the G-317/CERT Basic Training class and the experience of being a member of our volunteer team? We've created a guide to help you with the process.

How to Join Dallas CERT And Take Your First Steps - A primer for Dallas CERT Zone 2


Why Dallas CERT

Joining Dallas CERT is a great step in preparing yourself, your family, and your community for possible disasters. Who knew that we’d have a pandemic in 2020? Who knew that Dallas would see a week of snow and freezing weather in February of 2021? And who knows what we’ll see in 2022, or the remaining years of this decade?


This document will help lead you through the process of applying for G-317/CERT Basic Training and taking your first steps as an applicant to Dallas CERT.


If you have any questions about the process of joining Dallas CERT or about the program in general, please feel free to reach out!


Robinson Tryon

Captain, Dallas CERT Zone 2




COVID Complications

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to make some adjustments to the Dallas CERT program, including the delivery of our flagship Basic Training, G-317.


Many CERT programs across the U.S. have adopted virtual training, and Dallas is doing the same. For the lecture portion of the class, training will be online and will result in a “conditional” membership. Once CDC restrictions are lifted, a hands-on training course will be offered followed by a Final Exercise, after which you will receive your G-317 diploma.


Sign Up for G-317/CERT Basic Training

Go to the Office of Emergency Management’s CERT webpage and click on the link for the CERT Training Application Form


Once you have filled out and submitted that form, you will receive an email from Chris Herzog, Dallas CERT’s Lead Instructor, notifying you that you have successfully registered for training.


If you have not received this email within one day of submission (and it didn’t accidentally end up in your SPAM folder), please contact chris@rupreparing.com.


Computer-based Training Requirements

Please note: For this computer-based training (CBT), it is strongly recommended that you use a computer, iPad, or tablet. The use of a smart phone is NOT sufficient.


Background Check and Waivers

Dallas CERT conducts background checks on all its members to ensure the safety of the public and the team. There are also confidentiality and liability waivers that must be signed to participate in callouts and deployments.


FEMA Independent Study Online Classes

Once you’ve signed up for G-317, you may wish to look into the following Independent Study classes that are recommended for CERT members. Completion of these courses is not required for CERT membership, but is required to attain higher levels within the organization. These courses are “bread-and-butter” education also required by many other organizations such as the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), Red Cross, and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES).


  • IS 100 - Intro to Incident Command System (IS-100) -- 2 hours

  • IS 200 - ICS for Single Resources (IS-200) -- 4 hours

  • IS 700 - National Incident Management System (IS-700) -- 3.5 hours

  • IS 800 - National Response Framework (IS-800) -- 3 hours


The CERT Basic Training Participant Manual states

“It is recommended, although not required, that course participants have completed the IS-100 (Introduction to Incident Command System) and IS-700 (Introduction to National Incident Management System [NIMS]) courses prior to the start of [CERT Unit 2: CERT Organization]”


Amateur Radio & Emergency Communications

Are you interested in learning about emergency communications? Would you like to take a free course on amateur radio?


Many Dallas CERT members are trained radio operators, capable of sending and receiving messages over the air even when cell towers are down and the power is out. Whether we’re working with a small search team in a neighborhood or trying to communicate from Dallas to Austin, skilled amateur radio operators can get the message through. This is particularly useful during a deployment or other scenario where long-distance communication is vital.


If you’re interested in learning more about amateur radio, please email Melissa.Tanner@DallasCERT.org


Zone 2 Public Mailing List

Join our public mailing list and get invitations to our meetings, trainings, exercises, and other CERT-related events. Email Zone2@DallasCERT.org for more information.


Previous Speakers have included:

  • Drone Pilot

  • DPD Officer

  • Disaster Psychologist

  • Sports Medicine Professional


Previous Skills have included:

  • Navigation

  • Tying Knots

  • Radio Operation

  • PPE and Staying Safe During COVID

  • Thanksgiving Safety



Cassandra Wallace, Dallas CERT Program Manager


Chris Herzog, Dallas CERT Lead Instructor


Robinson Tryon, Dallas CERT Zone 2 Captain


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